Tools to make DJ life easier

Free DJ Business Card Design – Just fill out your information, download the PDF and order cards at your favorite site.
Pre-Gig Gear Checklist – Never forget anything again!
DJ Pricing Tool – Get a sense of what DJs are charging in your part of the US with similar experience.
DJ Income and Taxes Tool – Automated Analysis – Automated income analysis as well as estimated income tax calcs.
Pinterest Wedding Venue Template – Supercharge traffic to your website from Pinterest with animated Pins; grab this custom designed template specifically for Wedding DJs to pump out dozens of Pins. Did you know that Pinterest heavily favors animated pins? And did you know that Pinterest further amplifies pins that link to external articles??  Take advantage now with my animated Pinterest template.

DJ Pools

Direct Music Service – One of my favorite pools for solid remixes. Fantastic search tool to sort by top tracks, genre, etc.  Monthly fee, credits build up month to month.
Crooklyn Clan – Not exactly a pool, you pay for credits. But this is by far my favorite source for remixes & edits. Can also easily sort by top tracks over various time periods & genres.
Spainglish Mix – Not the greatest UI, it’s also very difficult to browse. But if you want to find a remix for a Spanish certain track they almost always have a killer version to grab.

Step-by-Step guides to get paid to party!

How to Spin Private Events ASAP
How to Spin College Parties ASAP
How to Sping Bars & Clubs ASAP