Half of being an MC is confidence. Below are simple ways I went from occasional periods of awkwardness to having a room of 150+ in the palm of my hands. Trust me when I say that commanding your room is electrifying.

MC Principles – The 80/20

  1. Get out on the floor from behind your DJ booth
  2. Simple opening address to command the room (below)
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice in your car on the way
  4. Use inflection to garner applause instead of asking
  5. Ask guests to stand between the Wedding Party and B&G
  6. Include the relation of your VIPs on your final sheet
  7. Confirm Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor
  8. Smile! It shines through your voice
  9. Strong posture, positive body language

Sample Introduction Script

“Good Evening”

*Wait for talking to dip*

“Good evening. My name is Dan, I’m going to be your master of ceremonies for the night, and I’d like to formally welcome you to Mark & Kristen’s wedding!”

*fantastic applause*

“Let’s keep that energy up because we are going to introduce our VIPs, Brian can you give us some music!”

*music begins, introduce wedding party*