Wasting time on YouTube during last month’s snow storm, I stumbled on this little guy.

I never realized this thing could bust open the world of FX that Traktor had to offer. I dabbled with FX over the years but stuck with the two that cemented themselves in my effects slots (mostly on account of laziness).

This board gave me FX on steroids, and with training wheels.

Wait what.

Using any of the FX shown on the right is pretty much fool proof. Messing around will quickly teach and reinforce the differences between Reverb, Echo and Delay (finally). Let’s be honest, how many times have you looked them up and forgot? What was once a dust-bunny collector effectively became a kickass teacher.

Gigs that would typically be boring aren’t quite so bad anymore. Instead of having a minute or two between tracks during a vanilla cocktail hour, I’ve been adding some of my own flair to otherwise standard pop 40 tracks. It’s sooo much fun and can really add depth to your sets. I haven’t seen too many guys out there who bring gear like this. Anything you can do to stand out, right?

The past few weeks my particular go-to’s have been beatmashers, echo hold and turntable stop.

It took about an hour to mess around and get a feel for the controls but now I can’t go without it.

Measuring in at a foot by eight inches and weighing under three pounds, it’s conducive to both mobile and club gigs. It doesn’t even need power since it runs off USB.

The custom mapping can be downloaded here, and despite how long ago it was programmed still works just fine. The primary difference between the Maschine Mikro MK1 & MK2 is aesthetic so feel free to pick one or the other, either can be found on eBay between $150-200. You need no additional software so don’t worry about getting the unit sealed. That is of course unless you want to eventually make tracks with it.

A word of warning:

>Backup all of your settings in Traktor before loading any files!

Many of your settings will change with the upload, so just to be safe create a backup copy. You may have to load the files more than once, it took me two tries before I was successful.

It will take a little work, but man it was well worth it in the end. With about an hour or two of prep you’ll stand out from the rest of DJs in town and have more fun at your gigs.

So get crackin!