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You’re in the midst of one of the most unique DJing experiences of your entire life. It’s an awesome time but don’t let such a big opportunity for future work pass you by! There is so much more to be gained here than the gig itself. Let’s cut right to the chase.

First and foremost have a stack of business cards handy.

Folks will recognize you throughout the resort during your down time. By day three, the staff knew my name and most guests knew me as the DJ. You’re a micro-celebrity so leverage that and make friends! It was incredibly easy to start conversations with random people as everyone knew who I was. My going solo heightened the intrigue around who I was and how I ended up there. My business card holder was worth its weight in gold!

Have a laptop wrap with your name on it.

Folks are going to be taking pictures galore while on vacation, don’t throw away all of that free marketing! The only thing on my laptop wrap is my name and Instagram handle. Clutter it too much and onlookers remember absolutely nothing. If you know A: who I am and B: how to find me, then I’ve done my job. Pair an inexpensive laptop cover with a custom printed sticker and you’re in business.

Connect with the staff.

They’re tired of seeing the same people they work with each week, this makes them open and eager to chat. Meet new people from all over the world and broaden that network of yours. You never know who you’ll meet or be connected to. One of those ties might even land your next overseas gig/vacation. In my case, I met a hip-hop producer from South America!

Download and connect with folks on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Much of the world outside of the US texts on WhatsApp so this is going to be your medium of communication, both on the island and staying in touch. Connecting with folks on Instagram is a great way for your new connections to see what you’ve been up to. You’re a DJ from another country so there’s going to be intrigue, leverage that.

Post your best photos on Instagram every few days.

Don’t wait until your gig/vacation is over! A few live posts have a much greater impact than uploading en masse when you get back. Your WiFi will be garbage, do it anyway. Giving folks a window into your international escapades while you’re actually there is much more interesting than showing off once you’re back. Use popular hashtags for the resort and surrounding area to get the most bang for your buck on top of the hashtags used back home. This way you’ll show up next time someone is researching their next vacation.

Last but not least: Record all sets!

These sets will be priceless marketing content back home so you don’t want to miss a single minute. Make sure you have plenty of disk space before you leave since wav files consume about 1 GB per hour. They’ll also act as your own personal window into an awesome time.


The biggest takeaway from all this is to never assume you don’t have enough experience for a gig. Don’t wait until ‘you’re ready’. Guess what, you’ll never feel ready. You’re going to figure almost everything out on the fly.