It’s not all that often I come across new ways to transition between tracks.

I came across Laidback Luke’s latest vlog today as part of my daily routine to pick up new tricks from other DJs.

He talks about three ways to transition between genres at different tempos (though it’s really just two, plus a twist).

Let’s jump right to it.

1) BPM Ride – Increase/decrease the tempo during the buildup, straight cut over to your next track at/around the drop (no blending)

2) Sync Ride – Increase/decrease the tempo during the buildup while blending to your next track, cut over by the drop (blending w/ sync)

3) FX Cut – Sharp sweep with FX on the ‘4’ beat, drop into new track on the ‘1′

Now I’ll admit some of his demonstrations weren’t the cleanest but the concept has piqued my interest. The BPM & Synch Ride are more or less the same, save for use of the synch button, but I like where he’s going here.

You could prolong your use of the FX sweep by starting a few beats earlier on the 1 instead of the 4, prolonging your sweep to make the transition that much more prominent. You may have been doing this already, I’ve certainly done it a number of times.

The golden nugget for me here is making large tempo changes during the buildup, it’s just brilliant. Everyone’s expecting a big change anyway, why not hijack the energy change with a tempo change?