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Hmmm…. No bouncer to be seen. Just a lighting guy staring at his dashboard. A few more minutes of observance and it’s clear no one is gatekeeping this ‘exclusive area’. I wait for a group to clear from the gate and make my move. I walk over, flip up, pass under and immediately bro-five the first person I see. Clearly I’ve been partying with the group all night long, right?

My goal the entire time was to figure out what this girl was doing, there’s a reason she has this gig so might as well try and learn from the people who are already where you want to be. As folks shift around I move ever closer to the decks for a better view. Save for the EQs, I could see everything that was going on. Three Nexus CDJ2000s. To my surprise all she was doing was swapping intro/outro bass lines, the most basic of DJ transitions! And there I was, attempting detective analysis on the dance-floor looking like a lunatic.

Not ten minutes earlier was I standing there wracking my brain, trying to figure out her seemingly ninja-like transitions. Most of the guys on before her had little to no breakdowns, just straight dance beats. The energy had been kept wayyy too solid for so long for it to have just been the tracks they were using, at least that’s what I though.

There were a few additional opportunities I could have taken advantage of now that I was behind the decks on stage. All of these folks were somehow connected to the DJ or the venue. Not only that the earlier DJs were still hanging around. What an opportunity for new awesome industry connects!

A little bit of awareness got me exactly what I wanted, not to mention an invite to the DJ crew’s private afterparty. It just goes to show how a little bit of confidence and curiosity opens doors to avenues that would otherwise never been available.