How I structure my time with the Agile technique

  • Trello tracks all of my things, from Larger Projects to smaller tasks. I can organize based on their silos and goals (Marketing vs Operations, etc)
  • Each Sunday I review my Trello board, determine what needs to be done that week based on Time Sensitivity + ROI gradient.
  • I break down what needs to be done into smaller TASKS, tasks are things that do not require mental capacity to figure out how I need to execute.
  • I schedule these tasks across my week in Google Calendar based on how long I think each will take to accomplish and my availability.
  • IT IS IMPERATIVE TO NEVER FIGURE OUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ON THE SAME DAY AS YOU ARE EXECUTING. The ‘Doer’ and ‘Manager’ always have competing interests.

A word on environment:

We are functions of our inputs. If you are not in a work-conducive environment, change your environment. It took me years of schlepping to Starbucks to get into ‘Work mode’. Now, even during a pandemic I can get into Work mode anywhere, the triggers is simply the time of day.