Why Did Facebook Kick You Off?

So you decided to Livestream your DJ set! One problem. Facebook detected some songs and kicked you off.

But, XYZ DJed for hours!

Yes, many DJs are able to spin for hours on end with no problems. An easy workaround is playing on Twitch. You’ll hardly ever have an issue. But, Facebook is where the easy traffic is. Realize that Facebook is trying to match the waveform of what you’re playing to waveforms on file.

The easier it is for Facebook to match your audio to a song, the higher the chance you’ll get kicked. The more ‘data’ you give on a particular track, the higher the chance you’ll get kicked. Ie, the longer you play a song.

How Not To Get Kicked Off

  1. The less popular the artist the better
  2. Play bootlegs from Soundcloud
  3. Play edits and remixes you can only find on DJ Pools
  4. Only play a minute or two of each track
  5. Play tracks at a tempo other than the original BPM
  6. Leave keylock off
  7. Can you buy this song on iTunes/Beatport? If Yes = DO NOT PLAY

How To Get Kicked Off

To drive the concept home, here’s what to do if you’re TRYING to get kicked off. How many of these are you doing?

  1. Play the most popular songs on the iTunes Top 100. Ex. Drake, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber
  2. Only play originals
  3. Leave the tempo adjust at 0%
  4. Play each song from start to finish
  5. Turn keylock on
  6. Only play songs you can find on iTunes and Spotify

Diversify Yo Streams

That being said, there’s still always the chance you can get kicked.

I highly recommend using multistreaming service such as Restream. This allows you to stream to both Facebook and Twitch at the same time. If Facebook kicks you off, Restream allows you to restart your feed while continuing to broadcast to Twitch.

If you want some help setting up your rig, check out my article:

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