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10 Tips For Hosting Virtual Wedding Shows And Closing The Sale

As a member of Toastmasters for the past year, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t firsthand. Here are a couple of pointers:

  1. Limit the text on your screen!
    You want the audience to be focused on YOU, not reading a screen while you fight for their attention
  2. Practice your run-through at least ONCE.
    Have an idea of what you’re going to say at each slide, as well as when you’re going to change slides.
  3. Sprinkle a line or two from your testimonials
    ‘Salt & pepper’ your presentation with social proof – you don’t want full paragraphs (see above)
  4. Video complicates presentations so so so often
    If you decide on using it, think about using it as a backdrop that you can easily talk over.
  5. Upgrade your Zoom
    You’ll be kicked off after 40 minutes!
  6. Practice working with the software
    Ex. sharing your screen, muting loud callers, sharing video/audio.
  7. If you are recording
    Make sure all of your callers are aware! This can have legal stipulations based on your state & jurisdiction. Maybe include a note or disclaimer in your signup form and confirmation email.
  8. Have your vendors get in the game
    Example: Charge participating vendors $5-10 to cover your marketing so they’re invested.
  9. Have a Call To Action at the end of the call
    “Schedule a call this week with one of our vendors within 24 hours and receive $150 off! Their Calendly links just hit your inbox.”
  10. Send out a $5 Starbucks gift card to your prospects
    “We normally pick up the tab when meeting for coffee, so here’s a little something on us. (If you’re not a coffee drinker, here’s a link to donate to first responders/healthcare on the front lines)”

Speaking of which, please please tell me you have a professional email address: Professional Email Address In Less Than 10 Minutes

How To Stream Your DJ Sets Live On Facebook And Twitch

DJing Live on Facebook and Twitch

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with streaming my sets live through Facebook and Twitch. Twitch is much more lenient on their music policies but it’s much easier to build an instant audience on Facebook.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need webcams of some kind, either built into your laptop, monitor or plug-in USB webcams.

You’ll also need a USB audio interface. These can be picked up for $10-20, you should also be able to use a mixer you have lying around if it has a USB hookup. Ultimately you’re going to run your master output into the USB audio interface so your computer can see it as a type of microphone input. This is what I used. I have an article here that goes further in-depth on leveraging the most from standalone mixers.

USB Audio Interfaces will show up in applications like Audacity and OBS under Inputs.

Then you’re going to need software to manage the stream. I used Wirecast in this example on its free trial, but its expensive ($250). OBS is a great free alternative, though it has been known to have issues running on Macs (womp). If anyone finds a cheaper alternative for Mac I’m all ears.

I’m personally pushing my feed to a service called Restream which allows me to forward it to multiple sites (Twitch, Chew.TV, Facebook, etc). When I’m streaming directly to Facebook Live through Wirecast, it does not allow me to also stream to Twitch for some reason, so I use Restream to get around that.

Facebook is also picky about the format it will take. Follow these guidelines in your software settings to ensure Facebook doesn’t reject your feed.

Don’t Get Booted

Once you get your rig setup and streaming, stick to edits and remixes found in record pools – not on iTunes or Spotify!! You want to throw off the algorithm that automatically finds matches based on the waveform. Sometimes it will pick up the lyrics, but I’ve found that parts of the video will simply be muted after the fact, once I’m done live streaming.

Good luck!

The DJ Collective 2019 Tools & Tidbits

Below is something of a braindump of some notes I took at this year’s DJ Collective in Phoenix, 31 Apps/Sites + 10 tidbits in all.


There is a virtual toastmasters specifically for DJs!

Verbal Wedding Tools:

  • Ladies & Gentlemen
  • Distinguished guests
  • Friends & family
  • Welcome everyone
  • We are going to…

Remind bridal party that their energy is contagious and they have to power to control the success of the party.


Planoly – This baby is free and is officially endorsed by Instagram as a social media scheduler. This is the money tip right here.

PartySlate – An event platform you may not yet have heard of. With Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Gigmasters all owned by the same company perhaps it’s time to diversify your profiles.

BizBash – Another event platform.

Profnet – Further establish yourself as an authority in your field. The Press will reach out to your for commentary and reference in articles and newstories.

Pinterest – Don’t forget about one of the strongest social platforms that brides plan their weddings! Most DJs, being men, completely ignore it which means rampant opportunity with little competition!

Twitter – Addition by subtraction. Chances are your Twitter is collecting dust which isn’t a good look. Delete it if it’s useless, its only hurting your brand.

Lumen 5 – Quickly create videos for social media (text to video)

Magisto – Another online video editor (phone app) – Professional voiceovers

Tip: Ask five people in your network to poke around your website and get them to guess how much you charge. This is a great brand barometer to see if your prices are commensurate with the value that you’re projecting.

Meetings/Sales – Automatically create good looking powerpoints – Intelligent scheduling. CC their email address and watch them take over meeting logistics for you

VoiceA – Automated meeting minutes (what). They’ll automatically send out notes from your phone calls.

Zoom – Conference calls/online meetings

MixMax – Booking, Sales, Turbocharged Email

TextExpander – Instantly insert snippets of text
from a repository of emails, boilerplate and other
content, as you type – using a quick search or abbreviation

Grammarly – Writing that doesn’t suck


Panda Docs


Tiny Scanner Pro – Phone App


PhonicMind – Vocals remover

Audionamix Xtrax stems 2 – Audio source separation. Extract or remove Vocals, Harmonic Elements, or Percussion. Huge for making remixes, edits, and mashups.

Splice – $5/mo for samples.

Ozone – Master assistant exporting to CD is an 80/20 option for producers on a budget.

Tip: Use risers to offset drop in tempo

Tip: Sidechain new kick with fast attack

Tip: Use kicks that do not clash frequencies with existing kicks/low end

Music has nifty charts showing the top searches by city. Honestly, you couldn’t find a better pulse on what’s hot in whatever city you’re in or traveling to for an event.

Photo Editing Apps

After Light (Android, iOS)

Adobe Lightroom



Pixelmaker Pro

Acdsee – Image organizer