DJ Pricing

Recently on a webinar in Phil Morse’s Mobile DJ Blueprint course the question of DJ pricing came up, as it does often. I mentioned as a source for researching prices in your area and using that as a baseline for setting your packages across the board, not just for weddings.

Here’s how I approached the situation when I first began doing weddings, YMMV.


The average spend on DJs for weddings in my area was right around $1100. Location: Southwest Connecticut, USA

  • My first wedding I charged $800; I knew the couple through my corporate job I had at the time. I was transparent it was my first wedding, but they had seen me before and were comfortable with that.
  • My second wedding I charged $950; I’m good friends with the groom’s brother which is how I got the lead. They knew it was my second wedding, and I priced accordingly.
  • My third wedding I charged $1290 (my target full price); another contact through my corporate job.
  • My fourth wedding I charged $1740 (a premium as it was on NYE); this was a cold lead that came through Gigmasters.

I knew my services were better than the average DJ’s, so my target was $1250, just above the aforementioned ‘average’ rate of $1100.

I however charged less for my first two gigs because I’ve never done weddings before, I didn’t feel comfortable charging full price when there was a decent probability I’d be rough around the edges. I’ve never done it before, so the clients got a reduced rate for the risk they were taking on.

But I didn’t enter the foray of weddings until I had been Djing for YEARS. IMO weddings should be down the line for all the new DJs. Cut your teeth on less stressful gigs before having someone put their trust in you for such a big day.

Other Gigs

I did some more research and found that DJ pricing for basic corporate gigs float around $800 (70% the wedding rate), and basic Mom n Pop gigs around $550 (50% of the wedding rate). Those ratio’s might be a good place to start in your location once you find out what avg wedding DJs get, as I found that anyone charging less around me wasn’t really worth their salt.

DJ Pricing Calculator

I asked a few friends scattered around the country about their DJ pricing, then compared to the data on the website and ratios I came up with. Using that as a rough framework I created a  DJ pricing tool that will provide estimates on what rates might be in your area. Check it out and let me know how it works for your area!