Last week I had a lawyer review the contract I’ve been using for years. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, knowing full well that it would be worth it in the long run.

Now it’s not like I just wrote up my core legal document off the cuff, I began with a template from a reputable source and added items here and there throughout the years.

Still, would my provisions legally hold up if tested?

I started Googling for legal document review and eventually found Rocket Lawyer. For $40 per month you have a lawyer on call to answer questions and review documents. The free trial wouldn’t cut it but I happily dropped the $40 for the confirmation that the legal backbone of my business was sound.

Rocket Lawyer connected me with an attorney in my state who was familiar with local law. This is important because laws vary by state, such as whether or not a deposit can be non-refundable. (I no longer take deposits, I take retainers. Check with your lawyer.)

In total the review took about a week from start to finish, then I cancelled my monthly subscription. My contract came up clean! Except for one gap: inter-state jurisdiction. He provided a suggestion of text to incorporate and wah-lah, my Attorney check-up was complete. I no longer have to wonder if the document I’m distributing is the equivalent of crayon on construction paper.