I’m jamming out, really enjoying the DJ tonight. I’m new in town and I’ve never heard this kind of sound before. Who the hell is this guy?

How many times have you been out and would love to know who is on the decks? When they’re playing next? Maybe you go up and ask them for a card but they don’t have one. Good luck trying to hear them tell you their name…

This happened to me out in Austin a few months ago. This guy was awesome, but there was only one problem. I was unable to get any identifying information from them.

No business card.

No laptop logo.


Don’t be that guy: Wrap your gear!

The benefits of laptop wraps are obvious. The back of your laptop is often in one of the best positions each and every gig you have. Laptop stands and controller flight cases plant your computer front and center of the action, and a even a 14” screen is a great size to broadcast who you are each and every gig.

What’s even better is with laptop covers you can swap out your brand depending on the gig you have. Your bar and club gigs you’d have your standard logo, but maybe you have a more elegant display for private events. For weddings you might just remove the wrap entirely for a cleaner look.

In either case, with no logo on your monitor you’re missing out on free impressions that are costing you gigs and actual exposure.

They only cost about $25. You can have someone else design them by hitting up Fiverr, or you can setup your own in a few minutes. The key is to move forward and get something up at your gigs. You can iterate later!

Pick a site, any site. Here are a few if you struggle with the Googles:
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Here’s the basic one I’m going with for now. All I wanted was my name and a way for folks to easily follow my gig calendar that I post on Instagram.

Now get that bullhorn and wrap your tool!