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For months I was lamenting the fact that I needed to order new business cards.

Ugh. But then I have to figure out what they should look like, what to put on them, where to order, etc. Thus, I kept putting it off. And because I was so worried about ‘getting it right’, I was stuck with cards I knew were crap.

Worrying about making the right decision led to not making a decision at all. And no decision was worse than making ANY decision at all.

This was impacting my ability to capitalize on new connections and introductions, the life-blood of a DJ’s business. If you haven’t checked there aren’t exactly job boards for DJ gigs. The closest thing that exists (lead websites) only focus on private events, where you’re pushing and shoving against a dozen or so other cut-throat DJs for each and every spot.

No, to grow any business you need a decent business card. If you don’t have one any will do, even a bad card is better than no card.

Take my card, please

Want to make your own card in 20 seconds? Drop your address below and I’ll send you my design link, free.

Biz Card Template

Just make a copy to your Google Drive, edit the information to your own and save a version to upload to a printing website. Don’t worry about image licensing, I made the turntables myself in Paint! Ok maybe not Paint, Google Drawing. Either way, this will be good enough for you stop procrastinating and get on with building those relationships.

Don’t have a registered LLC or business name to swap into the center text on the left? No worries, just replace it with ‘Professional Music Curator’. Same goes for the other information I included here. Don’t worry if you only have some of these line items, just swap or remove what you do have. The point is to have some physical means to provide your contact info.

Once your information is incorporated:

  1. Download as a PDF
  2. Hit up VistaPrint
  3. Upload your design
  4. Select grayscale for your rear design
  5. Checkout

You’ve now got 100-250 business cards for under $20.

Design notes

Now stepping back, there is some context I’d like to share behind the design I chose.

      • One: The back is largely white. Many times that you meet someone new, they don’t have a card to return in kind what you hand over yours. No problem. Grab another one of yours with a pen and write down their contact info. You don’t want to leave fate in their hands for a followup because chances are, they won’t. Retain control and get their information so you can follow-up yourself to ensure the connection doesn’t die as quickly as it began.
      • Two: The second reason the card is white has to do with where DJs usually convene: Bars & Nightclubs. Now, how many bars have you been to that have great lighting? Probably not many. The card is white and black so that you can easily read and interpret everything that is on the card no matter the lighting.
      • Three: The icon I used is simple for a reason. You only have so much time to make an impression. Chances are that anyone who sees it from a distance will immediately guess what it is and who it’s for. It’s a business card for a DJ. Who cares if you don’t spin with turntables, that’s not the point. It draws the eye. When someone sees that card sitting at the bar and dig your music, they’re going to grab it to check it out.
      • Four: Grab a business card holder so they don’t end up a bent up mess once you hand it off.

    Now get on with it!