Below is something of a braindump of some notes I took at this year’s DJ Collective in Phoenix, 31 Apps/Sites + 10 tidbits in all.


There is a virtual toastmasters specifically for DJs!

Verbal Wedding Tools:

  • Ladies & Gentlemen
  • Distinguished guests
  • Friends & family
  • Welcome everyone
  • We are going to…

Remind bridal party that their energy is contagious and they have to power to control the success of the party.


Planoly – This baby is free and is officially endorsed by Instagram as a social media scheduler. This is the money tip right here.

PartySlate – An event platform you may not yet have heard of. With Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Gigmasters all owned by the same company perhaps it’s time to diversify your profiles.

BizBash – Another event platform.

Profnet – Further establish yourself as an authority in your field. The Press will reach out to your for commentary and reference in articles and newstories.

Pinterest – Don’t forget about one of the strongest social platforms that brides plan their weddings! Most DJs, being men, completely ignore it which means rampant opportunity with little competition!

Twitter – Addition by subtraction. Chances are your Twitter is collecting dust which isn’t a good look. Delete it if it’s useless, its only hurting your brand.

Lumen 5 – Quickly create videos for social media (text to video)

Magisto – Another online video editor (phone app) – Professional voiceovers

Tip: Ask five people in your network to poke around your website and get them to guess how much you charge. This is a great brand barometer to see if your prices are commensurate with the value that you’re projecting.

Meetings/Sales – Automatically create good looking powerpoints – Intelligent scheduling. CC their email address and watch them take over meeting logistics for you

VoiceA – Automated meeting minutes (what). They’ll automatically send out notes from your phone calls.

Zoom – Conference calls/online meetings

MixMax – Booking, Sales, Turbocharged Email

TextExpander – Instantly insert snippets of text
from a repository of emails, boilerplate and other
content, as you type – using a quick search or abbreviation

Grammarly – Writing that doesn’t suck


Panda Docs


Tiny Scanner Pro – Phone App


PhonicMind – Vocals remover

Audionamix Xtrax stems 2 – Audio source separation. Extract or remove Vocals, Harmonic Elements, or Percussion. Huge for making remixes, edits, and mashups.

Splice – $5/mo for samples.

Ozone – Master assistant exporting to CD is an 80/20 option for producers on a budget.

Tip: Use risers to offset drop in tempo

Tip: Sidechain new kick with fast attack

Tip: Use kicks that do not clash frequencies with existing kicks/low end

Music has nifty charts showing the top searches by city. Honestly, you couldn’t find a better pulse on what’s hot in whatever city you’re in or traveling to for an event.

Photo Editing Apps

After Light (Android, iOS)

Adobe Lightroom



Pixelmaker Pro

Acdsee – Image organizer